Latest news
Feb 14, 2007: Tcl Windows API extension 1.1.5 released
Dec 22, 2006: Windows Inspection Tool Set 1.1.1 released.


The Tcl Windows API (TWAPI) extension provides access to over 380 functions in the Windows API from within the Tcl scripting language (V8.4 and above). The extension targets the Windows NT family (NT 4.0 SP4 or later, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003), and is not supported on the Windows 95/98/ME platforms.

The extension provides access to the Windows API at two levels:

Windows Inspection Tool Set

The Windows Inspection Tool Set (WiTS) is an application based on TWAPI that provides cross-linked, filtered views into a Windows system. These views include list views with optional filtering and sorting capabilities, and detailed property page views for individual objects. Where applicable, views are linked to allow for easy navigation between related objects.