Tcl Windows API Extension

High Level Interface

Overview Tcl Windows API V1.1 overview
Installation Installation requirements and instructions
Win32 raw API Direct access to the Win32 API
Window management Commands related to management of windows
Desktops and Window stations Commands related to desktops and window stations
COM Commands for accessing COM servers
Windows Shell Windows shell commands
Keyboard and mouse input Simulation of user input and support for system-wide hotkeys
Sound Basic sound functions
Clipboard Commands related to accessing the clipboard
System Operating system and machine configuration and control
Processes, threads and DLLs Commands related to processes, threads and dynamic link libraries
Handles Commands for managing operating system handles
Services Commands for configuring and monitoring Windows services
Network configuration Commands related to network configuration
Files, Disks and Volumes Commands related to files, disks and volumes
Network shares and Lan Manager Commands related to management of network shares and Lan Manager sessions
Users and Groups Commands related to user and group accounts
Security and access control Commands related to authentication and access control
Event log Commands relating to reading and writing the Windows event log
Windows INI file Commands for accessing Windows INI files
Console Commands related to Windows consoles
Task Scheduler Commands related to the Windows task scheduler
Internationalization Commands related to internationalization
Printers Printer management
Error generation and handling TWAPI error generation and handling
Miscellaneous Various TWAPI ancillary commands
Examples Tcl Windows API usage examples
Version History Tcl Windows API extension version history