Packages and Loading

Tcl Windows API package description


The entire TWAPI functionality is available through a single package: twapi. Alternatively, if you need only a small subset of the TWAPI commands, you can package require only that package.

For example,

package require twapi

will make commands from all modules available. On the other hand,

package require twapi_com

will only load the commands in the twapi_com package and the twapi_base package (which is always loaded).

In conjunction with the modular version of the TWAPI distribution, selectively loading modules allows you to only distribute the specific modules used by the application.


All commands installed by this extension fall under the twapi:: namespace. The commands are not exported from the namespace by default. To import the commands, they must first be exported by calling ::twapi::export_public_commands. Alternatively, you can call ::twapi::import_commands to import all TWAPI commands.


Copyright © 2011-2012 Ashok P. Nadkarni

Tcl Windows API 4.0.61