abort_system_shutdown System
access control Security and access control
access control entry Security and access control
access control list Security and access control
access tokens Security and access control
account privileges Users and Groups
account rights Users and Groups
ACE Security and access control
ACL Security and access control
add_account_rights Users and Groups
add_member_to_local_group Users and Groups
add_user_to_global_group Users and Groups
address resolution Network configuration
Address resolution protocol Network configuration
address_to_hostname Network configuration
addresses Network configuration
AddSource Microsoft Windows Installer
allocate_console Console
append_acl_aces Security and access control
ApplyTransform Microsoft Windows Installer
argument parsing Miscellaneous
ARP table Network configuration
arrange_icons Window management
authentication Cryptographic API
battery Power management
beep Sound
begin_filesystem_monitor Files, Disks and Volumes
block_input Keyboard and mouse input
cancel_filesystem_monitor Files, Disks and Volumes
CD-ROM insertion Device management
channel handle Handles
check_enabled_privileges Security and access control
clear_console Console
ClearData Microsoft Windows Installer
ClearSourceList Microsoft Windows Installer
click_mouse_button Keyboard and mouse input
clipboard Clipboard
clipboard formats Clipboard
clipboard_format_available Clipboard
Close Microsoft Windows Installer
close_clipboard Clipboard
close_desktop_handle Desktops and Window stations
close_handles Handles
close_lm_open_file Network shares and Lan Manager
close_token Security and access control
close_window Window management
close_window_station_handle Desktops and Window stations
CloseThemeData Windows Shell
clsid_to_progid COM
code page Internationalization
CollectUserInfo Microsoft Windows Installer
ColumnInfo Microsoft Windows Installer
command line Miscellaneous
command line Processes, threads and DLLs
Commit Microsoft Windows Installer
comobj COM
ComponentClients Microsoft Windows Installer
ComponentPath Microsoft Windows Installer
ComponentQualifiers Microsoft Windows Installer
Components Microsoft Windows Installer
computer name System
configure_window_titlebar Window management
ConfigureFeature Microsoft Windows Installer
ConfigureProduct Microsoft Windows Installer
connect_share Network shares and Lan Manager
connections Network configuration
console code page Console
console commands Console
console control handlers Console
console input Console
console modes Console
console text attributes Console
console_read Console
context help button Window management
continue_service Services
Count Microsoft Windows Installer
CPU utilization System
CPU utilization Processes, threads and DLLs
create_console_screen_buffer Console
create_file Handles
create_process Processes, threads and DLLs
create_service Services
CreateRecord Microsoft Windows Installer
CreateTransformSummaryInfo Microsoft Windows Installer
CSIDL Windows Shell
currency formatting Internationalization
DACL Security and access control
DatabaseState Microsoft Windows Installer
DataSize Microsoft Windows Installer
decryption Cryptographic API
delete_global_group Users and Groups
delete_inifile_key Windows INI file
delete_inifile_section Windows INI file
delete_local_group Users and Groups
delete_service Services
delete_share Network shares and Lan Manager
delete_user Users and Groups
desktop Window management
desktop wallpaper Window management
desktop workarea Window management
desktops Desktops and Window stations
device Device management
device driver Processes, threads and DLLs
device events Device management
device ioctl Device management
device_ioctl Device management
DHCP information Network configuration
disable_all_token_privileges Security and access control
disable_privileges Security and access control
disable_token_privileges Security and access control
disable_user Users and Groups
disable_window_input Window management
disconnect_share Network shares and Lan Manager
discretionary access control list Security and access control
disk Files, Disks and Volumes
disk geometry Files, Disks and Volumes
disk serial number Files, Disks and Volumes
disk space Files, Disks and Volumes
display devices Window management
display size Window management
DLL Processes, threads and DLLs
DNS lookup Network configuration
DNS server addresses Network configuration
domain System
domain controller System
drive Files, Disks and Volumes
drive attributes Files, Disks and Volumes
drive label Files, Disks and Volumes
drive list Files, Disks and Volumes
duplicate_handle Handles
enable_privileges Security and access control
enable_token_privileges Security and access control
enable_user Users and Groups
enable_window_input Window management
EnableLog Microsoft Windows Installer
EnableUIPreview Microsoft Windows Installer
encryption Cryptographic API
end_lm_sessions Network shares and Lan Manager
end_process Processes, threads and DLLs
enumerate_printers Printers
Environment Microsoft Windows Installer
environment string Miscellaneous
error handling Error generation and handling
error handling Miscellaneous
errorCode Error generation and handling
eval_with_privileges Security and access control
event log Event log
eventlog_backup Event log
eventlog_clear Event log
eventlog_close Event log
eventlog_count Event log
eventlog_format_category Event log
eventlog_format_message Event log
eventlog_is_full Event log
eventlog_log Event log
eventlog_oldest Event log
eventlog_open Event log
eventlog_read Event log
eventlog_write Event log
exception handling Error generation and handling
exception handling Miscellaneous
executable path Processes, threads and DLLs
Execute Microsoft Windows Installer
exit code Processes, threads and DLLs
expand environment strings Miscellaneous
expand_environment_strings Miscellaneous
Export Microsoft Windows Installer
export Network shares and Lan Manager
export_public_commands Miscellaneous
extract_primary_langid Internationalization
extract_sublanguage_langid Internationalization
ExtractPatchXMLData Microsoft Windows Installer
fax Printers
FeatureParent Microsoft Windows Installer
Features Microsoft Windows Installer
FeatureState Microsoft Windows Installer
FeatureUsageCount Microsoft Windows Installer
FeatureUsageDate Microsoft Windows Installer
Fetch Microsoft Windows Installer
FieldCount Microsoft Windows Installer
file access time Files, Disks and Volumes
file change notifications Files, Disks and Volumes
file create time Files, Disks and Volumes
file modification time Files, Disks and Volumes
file property dialog Files, Disks and Volumes
file property dialog Windows Shell
file shares Network shares and Lan Manager
file system type Files, Disks and Volumes
file version Files, Disks and Volumes
file_properties_dialog Files, Disks and Volumes
FileAttributes Microsoft Windows Installer
FileSize Microsoft Windows Installer
FileVersion Microsoft Windows Installer
fill_console Console
find_accounts_with_right Users and Groups
find_desktops Desktops and Window stations
find_domain_controller System
find_lm_connections Network shares and Lan Manager
find_lm_open_files Network shares and Lan Manager
find_lm_sessions Network shares and Lan Manager
find_logical_drives Files, Disks and Volumes
find_logon_sessions Security and access control
find_physical_disks Files, Disks and Volumes
find_volume_mount_points Files, Disks and Volumes
find_volumes Files, Disks and Volumes
find_window_stations Desktops and Window stations
find_windows Window management
flash_window_caption Window management
flush_arp_table Network configuration
flush_console_input Console
format messages Miscellaneous
format, clipboard Clipboard
format_currency Internationalization
format_message Miscellaneous
format_number Internationalization
FormatText Microsoft Windows Installer
formatting Internationalization
FQDN Network configuration
free shared library Processes, threads and DLLs
free_console Console
free_library Processes, threads and DLLs
generate_console_control_event Console
GenerateTransform Microsoft Windows Installer
get_account_rights Users and Groups
get_ace_inheritance Security and access control
get_ace_rights Security and access control
get_ace_sid Security and access control
get_ace_text Security and access control
get_ace_type Security and access control
get_acl_aces Security and access control
get_acl_rev Security and access control
get_active_processor_mask System
get_active_window_for_current_thread Window management
get_active_window_for_thread Window management
get_arp_table Network configuration
get_caret_blink_time Window management
get_caret_location Window management
get_child_windows Window management
get_client_share_info Network shares and Lan Manager
get_client_shares Network shares and Lan Manager
get_clipboard_formats Clipboard
get_color_depth Window management
get_command_line Miscellaneous
get_command_line_args Miscellaneous
get_computer_name System
get_computer_netbios_name System
get_console_handle Console
get_console_input_codepage Console
get_console_input_mode Console
get_console_output_mode Console
get_console_pending_input_count Console
get_console_screen_buffer_info Console
get_console_title Console
get_console_window Console
get_console_window_maxsize Console
get_current_process_id Processes, threads and DLLs
get_current_thread_id Processes, threads and DLLs
get_current_user Security and access control
get_current_window_station_handle Desktops and Window stations
get_dependent_service_status Services
get_descendent_windows Window management
get_desktop_handle Desktops and Window stations
get_desktop_wallpaper Window management
get_desktop_window Window management
get_desktop_workarea Window management
get_device_drivers Processes, threads and DLLs
get_device_power_state Power management
get_display_devices Window management
get_display_monitor_from_point Window management
get_display_monitor_from_rect Window management
get_display_monitor_from_window Window management
get_display_monitor_info Window management
get_display_monitors Window management
get_display_size Window management
get_drive_info Files, Disks and Volumes
get_drive_type Files, Disks and Volumes
get_file_times Files, Disks and Volumes
get_file_version_resource Files, Disks and Volumes
get_first_child Window management
get_first_sibling_window Window management
get_focus_window_for_thread Window management
get_foreground_window Window management
get_global_group_info Users and Groups
get_global_group_members Users and Groups
get_global_groups Users and Groups
get_input_idle_time Keyboard and mouse input
get_ip_addresses Network configuration
get_last_sibling_window Window management
get_lm_open_file_info Network shares and Lan Manager
get_lm_session_info Network shares and Lan Manager
get_local_group_info Users and Groups
get_local_group_members Users and Groups
get_local_groups Users and Groups
get_locale_info Internationalization
get_logon_session_info Security and access control
get_mapped_share_info Network shares and Lan Manager
get_memory_info System
get_mounted_volume_name Files, Disks and Volumes
get_mouse_location Keyboard and mouse input
get_multiple_display_monitor_info Window management
get_multiple_service_status Services
get_netif_count Network configuration
get_netif_indices Network configuration
get_netif_info Network configuration
get_network_info Network configuration
get_next_sibling_window Window management
get_os_description System
get_os_info System
get_os_version System
get_outgoing_interface Network configuration
get_owner_window Window management
get_parent_window Window management
get_physical_disk_info Files, Disks and Volumes
get_power_status Power management
get_prev_sibling_window Window management
get_primary_domain_controller System
get_primary_domain_info System
get_priority_class Processes, threads and DLLs
get_privilege_description Security and access control
get_process_commandline Processes, threads and DLLs
get_process_exit_code Processes, threads and DLLs
get_process_handle Processes, threads and DLLs
get_process_ids Processes, threads and DLLs
get_process_info Processes, threads and DLLs
get_process_modules Processes, threads and DLLs
get_process_name Processes, threads and DLLs
get_process_parent Processes, threads and DLLs
get_process_path Processes, threads and DLLs
get_process_thread_ids Processes, threads and DLLs
get_processor_count System
get_processor_info System
get_registered_clipboard_format_name Clipboard
get_resource_security_descriptor Security and access control
get_route Network configuration
get_routing_table Network configuration
get_security_descriptor_control Security and access control
get_security_descriptor_dacl Security and access control
get_security_descriptor_group Security and access control
get_security_descriptor_owner Security and access control
get_security_descriptor_sacl Security and access control
get_security_descriptor_text Security and access control
get_service_configuration Services
get_service_display_name Services
get_service_internal_name Services
get_service_state Services
get_service_status Services
get_share_info Network shares and Lan Manager
get_shares Network shares and Lan Manager
get_shell_folder Windows Shell
get_shell_window Window management
get_standard_handle Console
get_system_default_langid Internationalization
get_system_default_lcid Internationalization
get_system_info System
get_system_parameters_info System
get_system_time System
get_system_ui_langid Internationalization
get_system_uptime System
get_tcl_channel_handle Handles
get_tcp_connections Network configuration
get_thread_handle Processes, threads and DLLs
get_thread_info Processes, threads and DLLs
get_thread_parent_process_id Processes, threads and DLLs
get_thread_relative_priority Processes, threads and DLLs
get_token_groups Security and access control
get_token_groups_and_attrs Security and access control
get_token_impersonation_level Security and access control
get_token_owner Security and access control
get_token_primary_group Security and access control
get_token_privileges Security and access control
get_token_privileges_and_attrs Security and access control
get_token_source Security and access control
get_token_statistics Security and access control
get_token_type Security and access control
get_token_user Security and access control
get_toplevel_windows Window management
get_udp_connections Network configuration
get_user_account_info Users and Groups
get_user_default_langid Internationalization
get_user_default_lcid Internationalization
get_user_local_groups_recursive Users and Groups
get_user_ui_langid Internationalization
get_users Users and Groups
get_version Miscellaneous
get_volume_info Files, Disks and Volumes
get_volume_mount_point_for_path Files, Disks and Volumes
get_window_application Window management
get_window_at_location Window management
get_window_class Window management
get_window_client_area_size Window management
get_window_coordinates Window management
get_window_id Window management
get_window_long Window management
get_window_process Window management
get_window_real_class Window management
get_window_station_handle Desktops and Window stations
get_window_style Window management
get_window_text Window management
get_window_thread Window management
get_window_userdata Window management
GetCurrentThemeName Windows Shell
GetError Microsoft Windows Installer
GetThemeColor Windows Shell
GetThemeFont Windows Shell
globalization Internationalization
group accounts Users and Groups
group members Users and Groups
groups Users and Groups
handles Handles
hibernate System
hibernate Power management
hide_caret Window management
hide_owned_popups Window management
hide_window Window management
hostname_to_address Network configuration
hotkeys Keyboard and mouse input
hwaddr_to_ipaddr Network configuration
I/O rates Processes, threads and DLLs
ICMP Network configuration
idle Processes, threads and DLLs
idle input Keyboard and mouse input
idle time Keyboard and mouse input
idle time System
impersonate_self Security and access control
impersonate_token Security and access control
impersonate_user Security and access control
impersonation Security and access control
Import Microsoft Windows Installer
import_commands Miscellaneous
INI file Windows INI file
input Keyboard and mouse input
installation Installation and Usage
installer Microsoft Windows Installer
InstallProduct Microsoft Windows Installer
IntegerData Microsoft Windows Installer
internationalization Internationalization
Internet addresses Network configuration
interrogate_service Services
interrupt time System
interrupts System
invalidate_screen_region Window management
invoke_url_shortcut Windows Shell
ioctl Device management
IP Network configuration
IP addresses Network configuration
ipaddr_to_hwaddr Network configuration
is_idle_pid Processes, threads and DLLs
is_system_pid Processes, threads and DLLs
is_valid_luid_syntax Security and access control
is_valid_sid_syntax Security and access control
IsAppThemed Windows Shell
IsNull Microsoft Windows Installer
IsThemeActive Windows Shell
itask_configure Task Scheduler
itask_delete_itasktrigger Task Scheduler
itask_edit_dialog Task Scheduler
itask_end Task Scheduler
itask_get_info Task Scheduler
itask_get_itasktrigger Task Scheduler
itask_get_itasktrigger_count Task Scheduler
itask_get_itasktrigger_string Task Scheduler
itask_get_runtimes_within_interval Task Scheduler
itask_new_itasktrigger Task Scheduler
itask_release Task Scheduler
itask_run Task Scheduler
itask_save Task Scheduler
itaskscheduler_delete_task Task Scheduler
itaskscheduler_get_itask Task Scheduler
itaskscheduler_get_target_system Task Scheduler
itaskscheduler_get_tasks Task Scheduler
itaskscheduler_new Task Scheduler
itaskscheduler_new_itask Task Scheduler
itaskscheduler_release Task Scheduler
itaskscheduler_set_target_system Task Scheduler
itaskscheduler_task_exists Task Scheduler
itasktrigger_configure Task Scheduler
itasktrigger_get_info Task Scheduler
itasktrigger_release Task Scheduler
Item Microsoft Windows Installer
item identifier list Windows Shell
keyboard input Keyboard and mouse input
Lan Manager Network shares and Lan Manager
Lan Manager session Network shares and Lan Manager
LANGID Internationalization
language Internationalization
large_system_time_to_secs_since_1970 Miscellaneous
large_system_time_to_timelist Miscellaneous
LastErrorRecord Microsoft Windows Installer
LCID Internationalization
LM session Network shares and Lan Manager
load shared library Processes, threads and DLLs
load_library Processes, threads and DLLs
load_msi_prototypes Microsoft Windows Installer
locales Internationalization
localization Internationalization
locally unique identifiers Security and access control
locally unique identifiers Users and Groups
lock workstation System
lock_scm_db Services
lock_workstation System
logoff System
logon session Security and access control
lookup_account_name Users and Groups
lookup_account_sid Users and Groups
LUID Security and access control
map drive Files, Disks and Volumes
map_account_to_name Users and Groups
map_account_to_sid Users and Groups
map_code_page_to_name Internationalization
map_drive_local Files, Disks and Volumes
map_langid_to_name Internationalization
map_luid_to_privilege Security and access control
map_privilege_to_luid Security and access control
map_windows_error Error generation and handling
maximize button Window management
maximize_window Window management
media change Device management
memory System
memory commit charge System
memory usage Processes, threads and DLLs
Merge Microsoft Windows Installer
message digest Cryptographic API
messages Miscellaneous
min_os_version System
minimize button Window management
minimize_window Window management
Modify Microsoft Windows Installer
modify_console_input_mode Console
modify_console_output_mode Console
monitor file changes Files, Disks and Volumes
monitors Window management
mount_volume Files, Disks and Volumes
mouse input Keyboard and mouse input
move_mouse Keyboard and mouse input
move_window Window management
MSI Microsoft Windows Installer
mstask_create Task Scheduler
mstask_delete Task Scheduler
multiple monitors Window management
name resolution Network configuration
netstat Network configuration
network adapters Network configuration
network address Network configuration
network information Network configuration
network interface configuration Network configuration
network routes Network configuration
network sessions Network shares and Lan Manager
network shares Network shares and Lan Manager
network statistics Network configuration
new_ace Security and access control
new_acl Security and access control
new_global_group Users and Groups
new_local_group Users and Groups
new_luid Security and access control
new_security_descriptor Security and access control
new_share Network shares and Lan Manager
new_user Users and Groups
new_uuid Security and access control
nil_uuid Security and access control
num_console_mouse_buttons Console
number formatting Internationalization
open_clipboard Clipboard
open_process_token Security and access control
open_thread_token Security and access control
open_user_token Security and access control
OpenDatabase Microsoft Windows Installer
OpenPackage Microsoft Windows Installer
OpenProduct Microsoft Windows Installer
OpenThemeData Windows Shell
OpenView Microsoft Windows Installer
operating system components System
operating system handles Handles
operating system version System
option parsing Miscellaneous
package dependencies Installation and Usage
parseargs Miscellaneous
partitions Files, Disks and Volumes
passwords Users and Groups
Patches Microsoft Windows Installer
PatchesEx Microsoft Windows Installer
pause_service Services
performance System
performance Processes, threads and DLLs
Persist Microsoft Windows Installer
physical address Network configuration
physical memory System
play_sound Sound
port_to_service Network configuration
power management Power management
prepend_acl_aces Security and access control
primary domain System
primary domain controller System
primary language Internationalization
PrimaryKeys Microsoft Windows Installer
printer properties dialog Printers
printer property dialog Windows Shell
printer shares Network shares and Lan Manager
printer_properties_dialog Printers
printers Printers
priority Processes, threads and DLLs
privileges Security and access control
privileges Users and Groups
process Processes, threads and DLLs
process creation Processes, threads and DLLs
process existence Processes, threads and DLLs
process modules Processes, threads and DLLs
process priority Processes, threads and DLLs
process privileges Security and access control
process termination Processes, threads and DLLs
process token Security and access control
process_exists Processes, threads and DLLs
process_waiting_for_input Processes, threads and DLLs
processor model System
processor speed System
ProductInfo Microsoft Windows Installer
Products Microsoft Windows Installer
ProductsEx Microsoft Windows Installer
ProductState Microsoft Windows Installer
profile Windows INI file
progid_to_clsid COM
Property Microsoft Windows Installer
PropertyCount Microsoft Windows Installer
ProvideComponent Microsoft Windows Installer
query_scm_db_lock_status Services
read clipboard Clipboard
read_clipboard Clipboard
read_clipboard_text Clipboard
read_inifile_key Windows INI file
read_inifile_section Windows INI file
read_inifile_section_names Windows INI file
read_shortcut Windows Shell
read_url_shortcut Windows Shell
ReadStream Microsoft Windows Installer
reboot System
Recycle Bin Windows Shell
recycle_file Windows Shell
redraw_window Window management
redraw_window_frame Window management
register_clipboard_format Clipboard
register_hotkey Keyboard and mouse input
RegistryValue Microsoft Windows Installer
ReinstallFeature Microsoft Windows Installer
ReinstallProduct Microsoft Windows Installer
RelatedProducts Microsoft Windows Installer
remove_account_rights Users and Groups
remove_member_from_local_group Users and Groups
remove_user_from_global_group Users and Groups
RemovePatches Microsoft Windows Installer
reset_thread_token Security and access control
resize_window Window management
restore_window Window management
resume_thread Processes, threads and DLLs
revert_to_self Security and access control
routing Network configuration
run program Processes, threads and DLLs
run_as_service Services
SACL Security and access control
scheduler Task Scheduler
SCM Services
screen buffers Console
secs_since_1970_to_large_system_time Miscellaneous
security Security and access control
security descriptor Security and access control
send_input Keyboard and mouse input
send_input_text Keyboard and mouse input
send_keys Keyboard and mouse input
service control manager Services
service_exists Services
service_to_port Network configuration
services Services
session Security and access control
set_ace_inheritance Security and access control
set_ace_rights Security and access control
set_ace_sid Security and access control
set_ace_type Security and access control
set_acl_aces Security and access control
set_active_window_for_thread Window management
set_caret_blink_time Window management
set_caret_location Window management
set_console_active_screen_buffer Console
set_console_control_handler Console
set_console_cursor_position Console
set_console_default_attr Console
set_console_input_codepage Console
set_console_input_mode Console
set_console_output_codepage Console
set_console_output_mode Console
set_console_screen_buffer_size Console
set_console_title Console
set_console_window_location Console
set_desktop_wallpaper Window management
set_drive_label Files, Disks and Volumes
set_file_times Files, Disks and Volumes
set_focus Window management
set_foreground_window Window management
set_priority_class Processes, threads and DLLs
set_process_window_station Desktops and Window stations
set_resource_security_descriptor Security and access control
set_security_descriptor_dacl Security and access control
set_security_descriptor_group Security and access control
set_security_descriptor_owner Security and access control
set_security_descriptor_sacl Security and access control
set_service_configuration Services
set_share_info Network shares and Lan Manager
set_standard_handle Console
set_system_parameters_info System
set_thread_relative_priority Processes, threads and DLLs
set_thread_token Security and access control
set_user_account_info Users and Groups
set_user_comment Users and Groups
set_user_country_code Users and Groups
set_user_expiration Users and Groups
set_user_full_name Users and Groups
set_user_home_dir Users and Groups
set_user_home_dir_drive Users and Groups
set_user_name Users and Groups
set_user_password Users and Groups
set_user_priv_level Users and Groups
set_user_profile Users and Groups
set_user_script_path Users and Groups
set_window_long Window management
set_window_style Window management
set_window_text Window management
set_window_userdata Window management
set_window_zorder Window management
SetStream Microsoft Windows Installer
SetThreadExecutionState Power management
shared library Processes, threads and DLLs
shares Network shares and Lan Manager
shell Windows Shell
shell folders Windows Shell
shell link Windows Shell
shell_object_properties_dialog Windows Shell
shortcut Windows Shell
ShortcutTarget Microsoft Windows Installer
show_caret Window management
show_owned_popups Window management
show_window Window management
shutdown System
shutdown abort System
shutdown_system System
SID Security and access control
SID Users and Groups
sort_aces Security and access control
sort_acl_aces Security and access control
sound Sound
SSPI Cryptographic API
sspi_client_new_context Cryptographic API
sspi_close_security_context Cryptographic API
sspi_decrypt Cryptographic API
sspi_encrypt Cryptographic API
sspi_enumerate_packages Cryptographic API
sspi_free_credentials Cryptographic API
sspi_generate_signature Cryptographic API
sspi_get_security_context_features Cryptographic API
sspi_get_security_context_sizes Cryptographic API
sspi_get_security_context_username Cryptographic API
sspi_new_credentials Cryptographic API
sspi_security_context_next Cryptographic API
sspi_server_new_context Cryptographic API
sspi_verify_signature Cryptographic API
stand by System
standard input Console
standard output Console
starkit Installation and Usage
start_clipboard_monitor Clipboard
start_device_notifier Device management
start_power_monitor Power management
start_service Services
stop_clipboard_monitor Clipboard
stop_device_notifier Device management
stop_power_monitor Power management
stop_service Services
stop_sound Sound
StringData Microsoft Windows Installer
styles Window management
sublanguage Internationalization
SummaryInformation Microsoft Windows Installer
Supported Win32 functions Win32 raw API
suspend System
suspend Power management
suspend_system System
suspend_system Power management
suspend_thread Processes, threads and DLLs
swap files System
system access control list Security and access control
system menu Window management
system messages Miscellaneous
system requirements Installation and Usage
system time conversion Miscellaneous
TablePersistent Microsoft Windows Installer
task Task Scheduler
task scheduler Task Scheduler
task trigger Task Scheduler
Tcl module Installation and Usage
TCP Network configuration
terminate connections Network configuration
terminate_tcp_connections Network configuration
themes Windows Shell
thread Processes, threads and DLLs
time conversion Miscellaneous
timelist_to_large_system_time Miscellaneous
timelist_to_variant_time COM
title bar Window management
tokens Security and access control
trigger Task Scheduler
try Error generation and handling
turn_mouse_wheel Keyboard and mouse input
TWAPI version Miscellaneous
UDP Network configuration
UILevel Microsoft Windows Installer
unblock_input Keyboard and mouse input
universally unique identifiers Security and access control
unlock_scm_db Services
unlock_user Users and Groups
unmap_drive_local Files, Disks and Volumes
unmount_volume Files, Disks and Volumes
unregister_hotkey Keyboard and mouse input
up time System
update_service_status Services
USB devices Device management
UseFeature Microsoft Windows Installer
user accounts Users and Groups
user_drive_space_available Files, Disks and Volumes
users Users and Groups
UUID Security and access control
variant_time_to_timelist COM
Version Microsoft Windows Installer
version Miscellaneous
version resource Files, Disks and Volumes
virtual memory System
virtual memory Processes, threads and DLLs
volume Files, Disks and Volumes
volume extents Files, Disks and Volumes
volume mount points Files, Disks and Volumes
volume property dialog Files, Disks and Volumes
volume property dialog Windows Shell
volume_properties_dialog Files, Disks and Volumes
volumes Files, Disks and Volumes
waiting for input Processes, threads and DLLs
wallpaper Window management
Win32 API Win32 raw API
win32_error Error generation and handling
window attributes Window management
window geometry Window management
window management Window management
window stations Desktops and Window stations
window styles Window management
window visibility Window management
window_exists Window management
window_input_enabled Window management
window_is_child Window management
window_maximized Window management
window_minimized Window management
window_unicode_enabled Window management
window_visible Window management
windows Keyboard and mouse input
Windows Installer Microsoft Windows Installer
Windows services Services
Windows shell Windows Shell
WINS servers addresses Network configuration
workgroup System
working set Processes, threads and DLLs
write clipboard Clipboard
write_clipboard Clipboard
write_clipboard_text Clipboard
write_console Console
write_inifile_key Windows INI file
write_shortcut Windows Shell
write_url_shortcut Windows Shell
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