Tcl Windows API V2.2 package description


TWAPI functionality is available through three packages: twapi, twapi_desktop and twapi_server.

The entire TWAPI extension described in this manual is available through the twapi package. Most applications should use this package unless they are under severe space constraints such as size of the application distribution package. Even then, note the compressed TclKit version of the full package in only a little over 300KB and the uncompressed Tcl module (usable with Tcl 8.5 and later) is just over 800KB.

In situations where even the 300KB kit is too large or if the TclKit packaging cannot be used with your Tcl build, TWAPI provides the twapi_desktop and twapi_server packages which contain a subset of the most commonly used TWAPI commands for desktop and server environments respectively. The subset of TWAPI included by each is listed below. It must be emphasized that the subset packages may not include all commands listed in that section. Even within an included command, some command options may not be supported. This is not explicitly documented, and it is important that application writers test that specific commands and options being used in their application are available in the subset package in use.

The twapi_desktop subset package includes the following components:

The twapi_server subset package includes the following components:

Note the twapi_desktop and twapi_server packages are not distributed in binary form. To build them from source, run the command




in the top-level TWAPI directory.


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